• Abstracts must be submitted online from  May 1st, 2018


  • Submission deadline is June 1st, 2018 


  • Abstract must have a maximun of 3400 characters


  • Abstracts should include 


    • Hypothesis / objectives
    • Material and methods 
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
  • Title must be in capital letters.


  • Authors must be included in with name and surname, organization and city.


  • Up to three bibliographic citations could be included without exceeding the limited characters and with the reference number included in parentheses in the body of the abstract.


  • Two non-textual elements (tables or figures) could be included too, which will be uploaded as JPG images. To transform a table into an image, copy the table from the program in which you made it and paste it into a PowerPoint or Keynote slide, then save the slide as JPG (power point) or export (from Keynote) to JPG (high quality 100%). 


  • Abstract must be in Spanish as the official language, an additional English version could be also submitted.


  • The terminology accepted by ICS and translated and adapted by SINUG (available at in the Resources section) should be used.


  • The scientific committee may decide between an abstract poster or oral presentation.


  • The Scientific Committee will notify by email the acceptance of the abstract presentation.



The breach of  these rules will mean the non-acceptance of the abstract presentation.


The presenter has to be registered to present the paper during the Congress

Technical Secretariat: Orzán Congres | Phone: +34 981 900