- Paper´s presenter must be  register to present the  paper during the congress


Oral  Presentations are initially scheduled to take 4 minutes Oral presentation followed by  4 minutes of discussion and questions moderated by the chair


- On the Congress website you will be able to check the presentation date, time and room 


PPt Presentations must be delivered, in the audiovisual desk, at least 1 hour in advance, to test them and filter any e-virus in the corresponding room of the presentation (the presentation must be in PDF too)


There is very little time between sessions, therefore please go as quickly as possible to the presentation room at the end of the plenary session.


The chair will ensure strict compliance with the time assigned to each presentation. As the time for discussion is not part of the presentation time, it is very important that your presentation does not exceed 4 minutes in any circumstances.


- The chair will encourage discussion and understanding of the questions


- A conflict of interests slide must be included at the start of all presentations.


- The format admitted for the presentations is PowerPoint (.ppt) or PDF.


- The slides must be clear, avoiding excessive amounts of text or complicated tables and figures, to make them easier for the audience to understand. The font size must be large and combinations of colours should ensure a good text-background contrast.


If videos are to be presented, they must be in universal formats that can be viewed with the VLC free universal media player. Check in advance that it can be viewed without problems on the computer in the corresponding presentation room.


- For Mac users, it is important to observe the following recommendations:


a. Use common fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana


b. Use images in JPEG format


c. Use videos in AVI, MPEG or WMV format. They must be viewable with the VLC free universal media player.


- On the website you will find:


> The conflict of interest slide with which you must start the presentation.


> A presentation template that you may use, in case you wish.

Technical Secretariat: Orzán Congres | Phone: +34 981 900